Expert Tips for Lead Scoring Euphoria

Expert Tips for Lead Scoring Euphoria

Marketing Automation is not cheap. There, I said it! But when used to its full potential, an advanced Marketing Automation system can help increase the number and quality of leads as well as establish nice clean business processes. Continue reading →

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5 Crucial Steps for Lead Nurture Success

5 Crucial Steps for Lead Nurture Success

A proper lead nurture strategy is key to a strong marketing automation setup. Not only will lead nurture help qualify leads for sales, it can help your sales team close the deal, upsell current customers into new products or services, and help reduce the sales time. These 5 tips will help you setup a successful lead nurture strategy.
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An Ode to Marketing Automation

An Ode to Marketing Automation

Take a look at one of the Marketo Blog’s most shared posts of 2013!

Models and emails and forms and posts
What aspects of Marketing Automation matter most?
Spreadsheets, fields and dashboards galore
The more behavior, the higher the score

Target-em, nurture-em convert them all
No lead left behind, opp size large or small
A sprinkle of buy-in from the Boss
Just a dash of Jon’s Secret Sauce

All efforts suggest an automation win
But most folks forget just one important thing
While funnels and levers mark the spot
Without benchmarks and reporting, you’ve really missed the mark

Insights give you a decision tree
Allowing Marketing to be justification free
Don’t be afraid of numbers they don’t bite
But not quantifying your efforts absolutely might

Start slow, think big, iterate
Data baby steps are a piece of cake
So before you activate your automation triggers
Map out your reporting with the same rigor

Pick your favorite metric and start there
Once you get the hang of it Automation ROI Beware!


The original post can be found here.

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We Heard You Were Asking About Us

We Heard You Were Asking About Us

Dear Friends,

We have taken you with us every step of the way on our epic journey of building a first class Marketing Automation and Account-Based Marketing consultancy. As we celebrate yet another year, it is incumbent upon us to continue to provide you value, not only individually as we work with our amazing clients, but also to contribute to the body of work and knowledge base for our industry. We have received constant demand for our work and services, but also for our intellectual brain trust. As experts, it is our job, to guide the industry. As a leader, it is my job to provide growth opportunities for my employees. As such, we are very excited to build this blog as a forum to address this need.

A few cool notes about our exciting new endeavor:

  • Our blog will have content from all of our superheroes, both from my amazing team, but also from our allies in the industry. – fill out the subscription form on the right and check the “I would like to contribute to the blog” box if you’d like to be a part of our work.
  • Our blog will cover Marketing Automation, Marketing, Account-Based Marketing, Everything Marketo, Engagio, Predictive and whatever else the industry demands of their superheroes. Email us your feedback and topic requests. I might even add some content on all of our learnings from building a successful company.
  • We are going to be testing A LOT of different things. So, the more you engage, the more we learn and create a superior experience for you.

We take the time once again, as we hit yet another major milestone in our journey to thank you for our all of your support. We really couldn’t have done this without you!

Super Thanks!
Maneeza and her Epic Team of Super Heroes

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Marketo Summit 2016 – What Happens in Vegas Makes it to my Annual Write Up :)

Marketo Summit 2016 – What Happens in Vegas Makes it to my Annual Write Up :)

Marketo had an outstanding annual summit last week in always exciting Las Vegas. For those who attended, I know you will agree, that the opportunity to meet your fellow purple colleagues is amazing. I am always blown away by the enthusiasm and professional commitment of this industry. For those of you who couldn’t make it, I wanted to share with you take-aways, lessons and hopefully inspiration.

Theme: Managing The Customer Experience

I feel like Marketo has been listening in on my team meetings, because literally this has been taking over my brain for the last quarter! I am even considering changing my title from Chief Executive Officer to Chief Experience Officer (I get to keep the acronym!) … put your thoughts on this in the comments.

Numbers: Because they are important:

Attendees: 5200 – I heard a number that said while in SF 40% of attendees are local, the fact that Marketo hit 5200 in Las Vegas is #Impressive.

Employees: 1000 – For context I was employee about 50 in 2011.

Years in Business: 10 – Wow, milestone – For context, Marvel Marketers is coming up on 3. A really cool way this was presented was that Marketo started around the same time as Twitter and when the IPHONE was released. Talk about coming a long way! Happy 10 Years @Marketo!

# of breaths you have to take for every step on Everest: 5-10 (Details below on Amazing speaker)

% of CMO’s who believe they will own the customer experience by 202o: 86%

% of Gartner respondents expecting to compete on customer experience: 89%

# of customer events that Marketo’s Project Orion will support: 40,000,000 with 100 – 1000 X faster trigger performance … #Whoah.

The number of Years Will Smith has been entertaining us: 30

Phil’s presentation was different this year. He was really psyched about something. I can’t even pinpoint exactly what, he spoke about all the cool stuff coming out, the three coolest being:

  1. Project Orion a new category of enterprise customer architecture
  2. Marketo ABM functionality (Not Engagio … see below for Engagio stuff) – You couldn’t turn a corner without someone talking about ABM, Coming this Summer.
  3. Audience Hub … @Apttus doing some great things there. Using Marketo to understand 40K of best leads. Pretty cool use of Data.

But in addition to that, he said a few very telling things, speaking almost to a critical mass in our industry where Marketers have finally caught up to the technology. He spoke about ideas around “Tomorrow’s Marketer never leaving the side of the customer.” That feels daunting and is a huge responsibility to us as Marketers who must manage that experience. We were also super proud of our own folks@MarvelMarketers, @StevenRodriguez and @AmandaThall whose client Portland Trailblazers and Davita were featured in the key note! #WOW.

Amazing Speakers and Take Aways

There were tons of great speakers. I want to speak about 2 of them. First, @Alison Levin, author of On the Edge. She spoke of her journey in climbing Mt. Everest. You would think it would have been another “I worked hard, failed, didn’t give up and finally made it” But frankly, I was so inspired by Alison’s honest, highlights of what success truly looks like.

As the CEO of a ridiculously fast growing company, there were many times when I just wanted to say .. Yes, exactly, that is exactly what success looks and feels like, sometimes you do want to throw up. And you do have to make sure your head doesn’t explode (LOL) She spoke of being content making the hard decision of climbing back down just hundreds of feet from the summit and having the wisdom to know that, that too was success. I relish the successes we have had over the last couple of years and in fact it has nothing to do with some prescribed idea of what the “TOP” of our journey looks like!

She spoke in terms of gratitude and acknowledgement of other’s successes in being just as accomplished as her whether they made it to the top or not. This is exactly how I feel about the industry, each of us are finding our success, and life is not a zero sum game where for you to be successful others have to fail. I loved meeting some of our competitors, and really appreciated their gracious greetings and in some cases good advice!

She spoke of her final motivating factor of returning to finish the climb, having nothing to do with the people who were always discounting her achievement by pointing out she hadn’t actually climbed to the top! She returned in honor of her friend who passed, a far superior motivation. #peoplefirst

She described how to climb Mount Everest, you literally climb up to base camp, then climb down, then climb up to the second marker then climb down, then the third, beautifully demonstrating that “Progress is not one direction” !! For anyone who has started a company, this is what it feels like. You wake up one day and go … wait a second, I thought we passed this point, only to find, you have to return to it to keep growing!

“Backing up is not the same as backing down” #Inspiration

She spoke of fear being a normal human emotion. “Complacency is what will kill you.” This might as well be @MarvelMarketers theme statement. The agility required to “Act and react quickly to changing conditions” has really been one of the biggest keys to our success. She mentioned how Mt. Everest is very, very , very bad for control freaks … I am here to say so is starting a successful company … as I have learned. The irony of it all is as she described how she had puked right before a picture she posted, but had carried on … a few of my employees messaged me at that moment on the #Awesome APP (Well done @doubledutch) because upon my arrival at Vegas, I got really sick!

I had a “house/hotel” call with Dr. Jordan who prescribed me medication for Bronchitis and Asthma, not to mention cough syrup. So I was pretty much a mess all week, but had to power through. I even almost threw up on @Glen Lipka … sorry 🙂 But you do what you got to do per our speaker.

“Be Relentless” #Inspiration

Now on to the timeless talented master of brand management Mr. Will Smith {insert applause and excitement here} Will (we are on a first name basis since I got a selfie) did a very good job relating his success to a few simple themes. First he said he considers himself much more a marketer than an entertainer. He said part of what he does is creating an emotion for people to be excited about a product (I assume he meant himself as the product). Frankly, I feel Will has mastered what our prior speakers discussed around customer experience. All we know is that after Will is around, people are happy. They are entertained, they are inspired, they are excited. And in some cases, they discover their stalking talent. i.e. my consultant @StevenRodriguez. I think part of this is very much him cultivating the reaction he wants his audience to have to him. I speak a lot about this very concept with my team. How do you make sure the client engages with you the way you want them to engage. If you do not manage that an organic and maybe not optimal engagement will surface.

Similarly in our day to day Marketing initiatives, and in Particular with ABM, or as @Engagio is brilliantly repurposing ABE (Account Based Everything) how do we orchestrate the experience we want our customers and prospects to have with our brand. I tell my folks that your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room. (Best definition I picked up somewhere). What do you want people to know or experience with you? In fact, what do we all want people to know and experience with us? I think we should write it down and then measure ourselves against it … you know … like a benchmark #nerdalert.

The part of Will’s speech that really hit close to home is when he started talking about his kids … Millennials, and how for them the transparency that technology has brought into the world has forced complete authenticity. Music to my ears. While everyone knows I, like Will, really struggle to understand Millennials, what motivates them, why they do what they do, why they struggle with commitment, and decisions etc. That being said, they also bring some amazing things to our industry. For starters, I agree with Will about authenticity. they are very clear in mindset with what they believe to be what they want. I don’t always agree they are right, but at least they are clear. Also, as an economist (other career), to me, authenticity in industries, and people, and technology as a forcing agent means more complete information, which means better decisions, which means better equilibriums. I will stop here before I get tempted to graph something for you nice folks that made it this far in my post. He too spoke of being “Fearless and Relentless” All these smart people are really onto something!

Who won for Brand?

So, I always pay close attention to whose brand kicked butt at the summit. I do this for a couple of reasons. Brand is everything to me … personal and professional. As someone who is always trying to learn (Try it out it’s awesome), I want to follow the lead of who ever is being the best leader. I feel if I thought of the industry’s lifecycle, @Everstring won top of funnel on brand awareness. We have no idea if this awareness will push folks down the buying curve, but Everstring’s ability to throw the most awesome party that was fun, casual, entertaining because Will Smith joined, had everyone saying “Did you go, or are you going to, or are you at the Everstring party. I have been to a gazillion corporate events. Including the Bellagio 5 years in a row for my prior career, and no one threw a party like an Everystring party. I think it felt authentic … sounds weird but ask around, it was a hugely comfortable party for the industry.

If we look at product. I.e. which product did everyone leave thinking about hands down @Engagio won. Even though Marketo spoke about their ABM functionality, @JonMiller’s ability to be a thought leader in the space was pretty darn cool to see. Just like when I was at Salesforce they changed their ticker from SFDC to CRM (super smart), they really claimed CRM. I feel Engagio really claimed ABE (Account Based Everything) which de facto includes ABM. They had great presence in the Expo, their brand awareness had been obviously managed way before summit where folks showed up hungry for it. It was super awesome to see. Well Done!

I have so much more to say, as usual, but I will end with saying stay fearless and relentless my friends! 🙂 Until next year.


P.S. Did I mention I loved Students at Summit?

P.S.S. Marvel Marketer’s session at Summit re: Compliance went #Awesome. Here is a clever pic of our session consistent with compliance hehe


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Maneeza’s Super Advanced Lead Nurture Check List

Maneeza’s Super Advanced Lead Nurture Check List


Most popular slide from my Marketo User Group (SF) Presentation … Enjoy! @Marketo @Nurture @SFMUG

Can you complete these sentences?

  1. We Nurture at our organization because …
  2. Leads we nurture convert at X% Higher rate then Leads we don’t nurture.
  3. Our Nurture Growth Plan is _______.
  4. We picked our Transition rules based on _______.
  5. Our Segmentation Strategy is ______.
  6. This is how we use the Engagement Score ____.
  7. Leads that are nurtured close at “X” Percent Higher rate compared to leads that are not.
  8. Lead that are nurtured close at “X” Fraction of the time of leads that are not.
  9. Here is our Buyers’ Journey:
  10. Our Nurture is X percent more effective because of Y reasons due to Automation.

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Marketo Summit 2015 – Inspired

Marketo Summit 2015 – Inspired

Marketo had an amazing annual summit last week. I hope all of you who attended took the time to really take away actionable learnings. For those of you who couldn’t make it, or couldn’t make all of it I wanted to share a few highlights and insights I took away. (My key learnings at the end).

The Industry/ Marketo – Theme: “Inspiration”

  • 90% increase in Summit registrations → Validation of our Industry
  • 1000 people at Marketo → For context I was employee ~70/80 in 2010
  • 56% year over year growth … fasting growing company in this space
  • Marketo Japan – Launched
  • 43 Countries
  • 4000 Clients
  • 75% of CMO’s will be the owner and manager of the customer relationship with their company
  • Phil discussed data overload and how our challenge is to navigate through it as Marketers that is why we all have to focus on → Engagement Marketing
    • Getting Louder and More emotional is not working (We have all seen this in social media)
    • Marketo weaves customer interactions across all devices now with Marketo Mobile Engagement. Move naturally across channels and create push notifications. Mobile messages in your engagement streams that are location aware. Engagement at the moment that matters.

New Products/ Features

  • Theme: Engagement, Personalized Scalable Engagement
  • SEO/ Calendar Product
  • Marketo Moments → Real time feedback and notifications on the KPI’s of your business, I got a secret beta demo by the PM (thanks AJ!) … pretty cool.
  • Marketo Mobile Engagement → Seamless move through devices and delight your customer experience.
  • Marketo Linkedin Partnership

Case Studies

  • Marketing influenced deals twice as big. – Kaspersky Labs (My former Client woohoo!)
  • Heartwarming Hero K12 Case Study … Hero SAAS software sold to k-12 schools, they do the most with the least when 90% of students qualify for financial assistance. → This case study reminded all of us that Marketing isn’t just about software and emails. It reminded us why we do what we do. Overheard:
  • “Believe in a child when they don’t believe in themselves.” – Real outcomes, not just business outcomes
  • “It’s an honor to be a Marketer.”

Arianna Huffington – Keynote Speaker

Forbes – One of the most powerful women in the world, and quite funny I might add

  • Arianna discussed how they moved the industry by creating a site that worked from engaged participation and top down presentation. She said that we need both, we need the engagement with the consumers. This is directly aligned with what we do every day.
  • She discussed how HP is not a site, but an equalizing platform where royalty can blog next to a homeless teenage. She said “This for me is the magic of an open platform”
  • Bestest Quotes Ever:
    • “Ubiquity is new Exclusivity”
    • “Poke the Pope” – We have fun.
    • “OMG IMF”
    • “Trust is the New Black” In discussing the importance of earning your readers confidence.

John Legend – Keynote Speaker

Another amazing speaker, 9 time grammy and 2015 academy award winner. Aside from being incredibly talented and singing some of our collective favorite songs live, he shared a few very important take aways:

  • “Sometimes your dreams take a detour”
  • John worked at the Boston Consulting Group (My sister works there and says it’s an amazing place) He talked about lots of spreadsheets and powerpoint presentations (BCG should really Go Google (Shout out to my client hehe :))
  • He pursued and was unsuccessful in getting signed in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004. He said he was “Turned down by every major label including the one he is signed with now”
  • He described, beautifully that the key to his success was not just collaboration, but … “Approaching Collaboration with HUMILITY” #Awesome. This is by far something I wish they would start teaching in school. Seriously the Ego and lack of humility is by far a growing problem in our space (in my opinion)
  • He also shared the amazing work he does with Free America to address our over incarcerated Nation. He spoke of how sometimes there exists school to prison pipelines and how with the work they have been doing have freed 10’s of thousands of people.

That is living beautifully.

Maneeza’s most important Take away:

“Is this what success looks like?” Arianna described how she asked herself this question when out of pure exhaustion she passed out, hit her head and woke up in a pool of her own blood. Diagnosis: Burnout. By all explicit measures, she was a success … but what should success really be like?

This resonated very personally with me. Building a company growing as fast as we are often times has this moment of pure exhaustion. And to hear the same experience captured and communicated from such an important woman in our industry was an amazing reminder.

Moral/ Solution: Renewal, sleep, exercise and meditation is not counterproductive. She said there is a “Collective dilution that burnout is the only way to succeed.” “Is this what a good life is. Indeed, what is a good life? We need third metric … ”

From my (Maneeza’s) point of view, this is the question I want to tackle. “Indeed, what is a good life.” I would add, how do we make sure that whatever our answer is, is woven into every part of our life, including our work … that is the challenge I am signing up for. I hope you do too.

The beauty of this speaker was that she was also incredibly entertaining She said: “We are taking better care of our smartphones than ourselves

i.e. we know how much battery is left in our smart phone then look for charging shrine” (lol @ Charging Shrine)

More amazing quotes from Arianna:

  • “The more connected we are to our inner wisdom the better decisions we make.”
  • “Hiring mistakes when you are tired and want to just check off the list.” (Guilty!)
  • “Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor.” – Rumi (Arianna carries this quote around with her. I have it in my Notebook of inspiring thoughts at home.)

Explicit actions she has taken:

  • Ended bringing devices into meetings → @ HP
  • Nap Room 🙂
  • After work they are not expected to be on email. If it is urgent, we will call or text you.

I left the conference truly inspired. Very well done Marketo. It is an honor to be part of such an amazing group of professionals who are passionate about what they do, but more importantly, it gave me a minute to see all the beautiful people behind the emails, voicemails and conference calls. #Win.

I really really wanted to see the Khan Academy presentation. But I needed some sleep. 🙂 (Thanks for the great advice Arianna.)

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