May 30, 2017 Rebecca Chase

How to Prepare for Marketo’s New MCE

So word on the street is that this year’s Marketo Certified Expert exam is a doozy! Its questions are rumored to be more scenario-based, which means that test takers have to REALLY understand the platform to pass.

Here’s 4 things guaranteed to help you get prepped and (hopefully) ace the test the first time:

1. Use Marketo as often as possible

Working within the platform on a regular basis is the absolute best way to understand the functionalities of the tool and keep up with the latest updates and releases. Don’t have permission? Ask if you can shadow a team member who does (and remember to take notes).

2. Sign up for a free MCE review session online

Study buddies work! Marvel Marketers offers a free 1 hour review session designed to brush you up on the areas you need clarification on and ensure that all of your last minute questions are answered.

3. Go straight to the source

Marketo’s Review Questions are your test-taking lifeline. And, it’s not unusual for questions that you come across here to appear on the actual MCE exam! Lighten those pre-test jitters by practicing with the closest thing possible to the real deal.

4. Attend Marketo bootcamp

You can always attend one of our bootcamp sessions to acquire the building blocks and skills you need to truly understand (and rock) Marketo throughout your career. We’ll cover foundation concepts, best practices and answer your questions. We even offer custom courses tailored to specific business needs.

Bonus: Use code #MCETips for $200 off your first Bootcamp session

So hit the books and don’t worry, you got this!


Rebecca Chase

I am the resident training expert at Marvel Marketers and a Marketo Solutions Architect. I enjoy teaching marketers how to take full advantage of their marketing stack and helping them take their initiatives to the next level. In my spare time I enjoy traveling, tea time and exploring outdoors with my family.