Intentional Nurturing to Drive Engagement and Increase Sales

When you’re introduced to a new colleague, neighbor, or friend, how do you get to know them better? Send them an email, text, or message over social telling them all about your interests, all the great things you do, along with a laundry list of qualities that make you wonderful?

That would be awkward, right?

So it might be time to think through your nurture strategy, and how you’re attempting to drive engagement and increase sales. 

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Designing for Revenue: How to Create a Lead Lifecycle That Converts

Like many marketing concepts, lead lifecycle management has been open to quite a bit of debate and interpretation. In technical terms, you know it’s the transit of a lead through the entire process of evaluating, segmenting, qualifying, and becoming sales opportunities – but what’s the best way to identify, track, engage, and analyze the data throughout and in between every equally important stage?

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10 Steps to Crank Up Lead Velocity

Among a long list of possible superpowers, being super slow isn’t one that made anyone go “Gosh, what a great ability that would be!” Generally, we want things to move faster, and increasing the velocity of leads would definitely be super!

Lead velocity rate calculates real-time qualified lead growth, often looked at to predict future revenue, so the faster the velocity, the quicker the revenue! Here are a number of ways Marvel Marketers relies on Marketo to increase the velocity of leads:

1. Optimize lead capture forms: Make sure lead capture forms are simple and easy to complete, and that they are prominently placed on the client’s website.

2. Use lead magnets: Offer valuable content such as eBooks and webinars to help attract and engage leads.

3. Segment your leads: Based on characteristics such as demographics, behavior, and interest – tailoring messaging and offers accordingly.

4. Send targeted emails: Use automated email campaigns to send targeted messages to leads at different stages of the funnel.

5. Use lead scoring: Assign scores to leads based on their engagement and activity, allowing marketing to alert sales when hot, high-scoring leads are ready for contact.

6. Use retargeting: Use retargeting ads to stay top of mind with potential leads who have visited your website but haven’t converted yet.

7. Optimize your landing pages: Make sure landing pages are optimized for conversion, with clear calls-to-action and minimal distractions.

8. Use A/B testing: Test different elements such as messaging, offers, and design to optimize conversion rates.

9. Use social media: Connect with leads, answer questions, and engage in conversations.

10. Monitor and measure: Continuously measure and analyze the performance and make adjustments as needed to improve velocity.

It’s important to keep in mind that lead velocity is not only about moving leads through the funnel quickly, but also about providing a good experience! Reach out to us for help making informed decisions about your funnel that are both relevant and valuable to your leads.

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