What Comes First Strategy or Technology?

There seems to always be a constant flow of announcements about new marketing technologies or strategies. Software vendors show off their latest technologies, thought leaders post their latest strategies. But at some point you begin to wonder whether it’s better to focus on strategy first, then the technology, or vice versa. Does strategy drive your choice of technology or does technology influence your strategy? Which comes first, strategy or technology? The answer is neither. This isn’t really a chicken or egg scenario. In fact, focusing on which of these to start with can actually stall progress and even hinder success.  So what should you focus on? Fish.

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How Customer Experience Differs From Customer Service – Part 2

Previously we took a look at what makes customer service and customer experience different, the impacts of customer experience and that truly customer service is not customer experience. In this blog, we will discuss our top 4 tips of what you can do to ensure you are enjoying the full benefits of customer service and customer experience.

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Email Deliverability Causes vs. Solutions- Part 1

We work hard to protect, nurture and grow our email databases. For many, it’s our most effective marketing channel. Yet, according to Deliverability experts, up to 20% of our emails never make it to the Inbox. What gives?

In this 3 part series we’ll discuss: 

  1. What affects email deliverability.
  2. A basic understanding of email settings and the deliverability impacts of each.
  3. Best Practices that will keep your email delivery healthy.

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How Customer Experience Differs From Customer Service – Part 1

When it comes to caring for your customers, service and experience play a large role. Terms such as Customer Service, Customer Experience, and Customer Service Experience are often used interchangeably, however they mean different things. To know the difference and ensure that you’re enjoying the full benefits of them you need to truly understand what each one means. In this 2 part blog series we will explore the difference between customer service and customer experience, what impacts customer experience, and finally 4 tips to enjoy the full benefits of customer service and customer experience.

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Supermoms and Dads Unite!

There’s a reason we dedicate an entire day to honoring Mothers & Fathers. Each day they put on their cape and take on the world, running errands, getting the kids to school, etc., all before heading to work themselves. 

Marvel Marketers may be a team of superheroes, but we recognize that even the hardest working superhero has a personal life, family responsibilities, and work demands that all require their time and attention. Having family-friendly policies and benefits that attract the best talent is important to us, so much so that we have been a recipient of the Best Places for Working Parents award for the last two years.  Read more