Creating A Content Strategy You Can Be Grateful For – Part 1

Like any conscientious marketer, you’ve established goals for every product or service promotion, built a framework for delivery, considered the KPIs you’ll track, and pre-planned the reporting you’ll share with stakeholders. Checking those boxes takes care of what you need to deliver for your clients, but the content strategy to get there, however, relies not on what your needs are, but on the needs of the customer.  Read more

Marketing to Marketers

As an “always on” culture, we can become quickly distracted by ads, sales pitches, vaguely written emails, and the constant influx of more and more. Marketers and tech professionals read and write promotional materials, how-tos, and documentation all the time. What will gain our respect and attention is clear, descriptive messaging that outlines specifics. Read more

Which Attribution Model is Right for You?

According to a recent DemandLabs report, 72% of marketers are held accountable for revenue, yet 64% of marketing leaders do not have an attribution strategy in place. Of those that do, only 31% find their strategy successful.

Revenue (or opportunity) attribution is the holy grail in proving or improving marketing’s worth to C-level, but it remains a struggle to determine which campaigns, assets, and channels are contributing to the pipeline. Read more

What Comes First Strategy or Technology?

There seems to always be a constant flow of announcements about new marketing technologies or strategies. Software vendors show off their latest technologies, thought leaders post their latest strategies. But at some point you begin to wonder whether it’s better to focus on strategy first, then the technology, or vice versa. Does strategy drive your choice of technology or does technology influence your strategy? Which comes first, strategy or technology? The answer is neither. This isn’t really a chicken or egg scenario. In fact, focusing on which of these to start with can actually stall progress and even hinder success.  So what should you focus on? Fish.

Read more

How Customer Experience Differs From Customer Service – Part 2

Previously we took a look at what makes customer service and customer experience different, the impacts of customer experience and that truly customer service is not customer experience. In this blog, we will discuss our top 4 tips of what you can do to ensure you are enjoying the full benefits of customer service and customer experience.

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