June 22, 2022 Angie Knight

Paving the Way to a New Career Path

Deciding on a new road, up-leveling your skills, and going after what you have always wanted- this is how you make change happen. 

At Marvel Marketers, our mission is to make our clients, coworkers, and colleagues incredibly successful in marketing and technology, through expert services, training, consulting, and partnerships. This is why we created Professor M’s Academy by Marvel Marketers, to empower both people and companies by helping them acquire new digital marketing knowledge, skills, and expertise.

When Sukanya Ramabadran first signed up for Professor M’s Academy Level 1 Marketo Bootcamp, she had barely heard of Marketo, much less used it. However, once she found out about some of the platform’s tools, she was fascinated and wanted to learn more.

Taught by the Superheroes at Marvel Marketers, Level 1 Bootcamp introduces students to Marketo’s fundamentals, including technical terms, techniques, and best practices. While there are lectures, the course is also interactive with hands-on exercises, real-life marketing scenarios, and quizzes to help students measure their progress. In fact, the quizzes are what Ramabadran enjoyed most. “They got us thinking about deeper concepts.”

Ramabadran also enjoyed the length of the five-day Bootcamp. She was relieved that the instructor didn’t try to fit all of these insights into a day or two. Instead, it was spaced out enough for her to digest all of the information comfortably. Since she was so new to Marketo, Ramabadran appreciated being “hand-held” throughout the course. She admits that the platform’s interface takes some getting used to, but was grateful to her instructor for making sure she became completely comfortable with it.

As soon as Ramabadran completed Level 1 Bootcamp, she added it to her resume. Shortly after, she was offered a Marketing Manager position that required her to use Marketo 70%-80% of the time. She thrived in the position and earned a promotion to lead Demand Generation for a company that has since been acquired by Dropbox. To this day, she still goes through some of her notes from Level 1 Bootcamp and says that the investment she made in the course has “a good ROI” because, without it, she wouldn’t be enjoying the success she is today. With a smile, she says, “Marvel Marketers jump-started my career.”

You too can change the course of your career and become a Marketing Superhero through our program. Available as individual courses or comprehensive subscription plans, Professor M’s Academy has a one-of-a-kind impact on individual careers and corporate marketing teams.