Marvel Marketers LLC is a global Strategy, Marketing Automation, and Business Intelligence Consulting company serving both Enterprise and SMB Marketo Customers. Founded by a former Marketo employee and Senior Consultant in the Expert Services team, our services team has grown to include, several past Marketo Clients, Web Designers, Experts and an epic team of Partners!
We have three main ways we engage with our clients:

1.  Strategy:  Marketing Automation is complex, new, and often one piece of your overall Digital Marketing Strategy.  We believe looking at Marketing Automation in a silo is far less effective than looking at it as a component of an overall Strategy.  With this in mind, we partner closely with you, to learn your business holistically and then adapt your Marketing Automation Strategy to support your overall goals.  With experience in Global Deployments, Governance, Best Practices and Enablement and Training.  We pride ourselves, in truly becoming a part of the team with Senior Resources dedicated to your project at this level.

2.  Insights:  We love data.  We are thrilled that the industry is moving away from light weight ROI to Rigorous Mathematics.  We have experience in Predictive Lead Scoring, Business Intelligence and RCA, (Marketo’s Revenue Cycle Analytics).  While scary to most, we work closely with you to translate big data into real insights with actionable recommendations in your organization.  We also recognize that Business Intelligence is an iterative process, we comfortably start small and grow with your organization.  We have also discovered that some data when you are measuring nothing goes a long way.

3.  The Actual Automation Part:  Having worked with several hundred clients, it has become obvious that sometimes its optimal to “build it yourself” and other times it is far more optimal to have smart resources build it for you. We build with best practices, scale and long-term independence in mind.  Marketing Automation Production services include everything ranging from Design, Landing pages, Forms, Emails, Programs, Nurture Streams, Scoring, Reports, Modeler, and Lead Lifecycle.  We are just great at making you successful in getting things done, partnering with you, or just doing it for you.