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Email Deliverability Causes vs. Solutions- Part 1

Email Deliverability Causes vs. Solutions- Part 1

We work hard to protect, nurture and grow our email databases. For many, it’s our most effective marketing channel. Yet, according to Deliverability experts, up to 20% of our emails never make it to the Inbox. What gives?

In this 3 part series we’ll discuss: 

  1. What affects email deliverability.
  2. A basic understanding of email settings and the deliverability impacts of each.
  3. Best Practices that will keep your email delivery healthy.

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Marketing Stack Health Check – Why You Need to See A Professional

Marketing Stack Health Check – Why You Need to See A Professional

You’ve spent time and money building your marketing infrastructure with all the digital tools you thought you needed. But are they really doing what you hoped they would do?

Has revenue grown and efficiencies increased? When was the last time you determined how well your systems are working for you? 

At Marvel Marketers, we often find inefficiencies when performing health checks with our clients—like APIs that aren’t working, unintentional self-imposed latencies in data flow, misfires of connectors, systems that are no longer in use but still cost money, or broken operational systems that have gone unnoticed. 

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Why Don’t MQLs Convert?

Why Don’t MQLs Convert?

When our Marketing Director, Pam Hege, asked me “Wasif, why don’t MQLs convert?”, I replied sarcastically, “It’s because you didn’t provide me with any quality MQLs.” 🙂 (I have some making up to do with Pam after that reply.)  

The truth is that there are several factors, and while Marketing and Sales leaders might be asking these questions differently and have different opinions, the one thing they both agree upon—and are measured on—is net new revenue.

For decades, we have evolved both Marketing and Sales processes. As leaders and as an industry, we have done it all—from naming all types of marketing funnels, to dissecting, mapping, staging, and flipping them to equally complex methods in Sales processes and stages (i.e. Sandler, Mack Hanan, Tony Parinello & Rain Group solution selling to name a few). Then, when you layer all of that on top of each organization’s and each and leader’s best practices and frameworks, you will get our current problem statement. Why is it so hard for MQLs to convert into a qualified opportunity?

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Ahem… A Poem… In Celebration of 7 Years

Ahem… A Poem… In Celebration of 7 Years

Dear Marvel Marketers… from a future Date

Congratulations on your 7 year birthday… Celebrate!

That went fast, or so it’s easy now to proclaim,

But I know we really remember every brick and stone we laid

We remember all the friends along the way

Those who cheered or simply listened to what we had to say

And wow what amazing employees joined along the way

And much #gratitude for them every single day

And sometimes their work leaves little to say

For it is inspires us all even today

And #gratitude for the clients who trusted us early on

To help their digital transformation from here to beyond

And #gratitude to our industry friends and partners for their support

Who always remember us in their amazing industry efforts

And all Superheroes battle villains from time to time

But never did it disrupt the journey or beauty of the climb

And #gratitude to those who let us help through #MPACT

When we were the ones gaining through service… that’s a fact.

And #gratitude for 7 years of lessons learned

And #gratitude for 7 years of badges earned

And #gratitude for 7 years of opportunities to give back

And #gratitude of 7 years of remembering that important fact

And let’s not forget the #gratitude for courage to swing big

And let’s not forget the fortitude and required grit

And let’s take a minute to reflect on our world tour… 

San Mateo, Austin, Belfast… Stay tuned for more

Let’s celebrate our amazing Pioneers

Without whom there would be no reason for cheers

Here is to Team Purple and the Marketo Nation

Here is to Engagio, and congrats on the acquisition

Let’s not forget Scott’s incredible Martech Stack

That’s kept us all busy… and  all 7 years at that

And then among all this celebration, let’s be true

That all great success has loss, too

#Gratitude for the sacrifices made by others

During pandemics and hopefully no others

Thank you to the front line helpers and the bravery

You gave us all strength in a major way

And do not despair on what may come

The Great Pause gave us lessons granted only to some

We learned to stop and take a breath

We learned to soften every step

We learned how heroes emerge

Almost the minute we felt submerged 

Some sewed masks as their superpower

Some worked every waking hour

Some helped neighbors and the elderly

Some took to educating everybody

But we saw most choose hope over despair

And we saw love, honesty and care

And so we have #gratitude for success even with difficulty

And #gratitude that we know the importance of humility

And the next 7 years will be better than the first

And our goals give us a special kind of thirst

Of hope and growth that lets us make and MPACT

And of #gratitude and passion so we can give back

And after we have a big old slice of cake 

And after we take the time to celebrate… 

We hope this success on all of you

Because you really can’t do a description justice, in true

So here is to shared success and cheers

And here is to Marvel Marketers and 7 years.

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COVID-19 Disruption – Bringing Out the Best in Us as Marketers and Beyond

COVID-19 Disruption – Bringing Out the Best in Us as Marketers and Beyond

Mankind’s one true nature is to survive and evolve.  Throughout its existence, mankind has experienced large and small natural and self-inflicted disasters.  Each incident, however much more disastrous than its predecessor, has enabled our species to rise up, come together, and come out stronger not only as people but as a species.

The COVID-19 virus is an example of the human species at its finest. 

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Ready, Set… Change! The Story of a Pandemic Pivot

Ready, Set… Change! The Story of a Pandemic Pivot

No organization has been immune to changes forced by COVID-19. Businesses both big and small have had to make massive pivots quickly, and oftentimes, those pivots have been wildly different than anything they’d ever expected.

And sometimes that requires a superhero-sized effort.

One of our Fortune 25 clients is no different. The company had created a division specifically to share skills and insights that help job-seekers grow their careers and help small- and medium-sized business owners grow their organizations. The original plan was to give these sessions a more personal feel by meeting in person at events around New York City.

But COVID-19 had other plans.

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A Superhero’s First Experience with Marketo – What’s It Like to Use if You’re an Eloqua Expert?

A Superhero’s First Experience with Marketo – What’s It Like to Use if You’re an Eloqua Expert?

For five and a half years, I spent my days learning Eloqua, helping with Eloqua curriculum development, and teaching others how to use Eloqua. I lived and breathed Eloqua and found myself very comfortable with the platform. Any time a new update came through, big or small, I worked with my team to learn it quickly, then turn around and teach it. Eloqua was life, and it was the only marketing automation platform I knew.

Recently, I joined an incredible team at Marvel Marketers. As a Marketo partner, the team is primarily versed in Marketo, and few are familiar with Eloqua. I was a new addition to the team, and a new source of information and education. I hit the ground running, and began absorbing Marketo like a sponge, trying to prepare myself to eventually teach Marketo, just as I had for years in Eloqua. 

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Systems in Control Part 3 – More Better Data

Systems in Control Part 3 – More Better Data

How well do you understand your best customers?  It’s a simple but loaded question.  

Businesses spend a considerable portion of their budgets every quarter trying to get “more better data”–not grammatically incorrect here, think quantity and quality! They want great data and lots of it. In my previous blogs, I talked about the importance of Keeping Marketo Healthy and how to Sync (Marketo-Saleforce) The Right Way, but today I want to focus on how mature businesses successfully keep their systems in control by managing their data effectively and keeping clean organized databases.

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