May 17, 2023 Angie Knight

How Fit is Your Funnel?

You’ve designed all the necessary steps for your potential customers to become paying customers, but what makes them fully optimized? An active and thriving funnel happens in stages, too. Marvel Marketers’ superheroes have some thoughts about maximizing sales funnel health. Here’s your step-by-step plan for peak performance:

Clear and defined stages
That align with the customer’s journey & include tailored strategies and messaging that addresses specific needs at each stage.

Targeted messaging
Does your messaging address your potential customer’s primary concerns throughout their journey? A potential customer that’s still doing discovery may have very different concerns and needs compared to one that’s ready to make a decision, just as a repeat customer needs different information from you compared to a new one!

Lead magnets
Attract leads with ebooks, webinars, or free trials that directly tap into their needs and concerns.

Lead scoring
Strengthen the relationship between sales and marketing by developing a lead scoring system that tracks engagements throughout a customer’s journey and allows for sales to prioritize contact/follow-up with qualified leads that are ready for a conversation!

You can only successfully target a lead that you seek to understand. Segment based on characteristics such as demographics, behavior, and interest to tailor messaging and offers.

Automated email campaigns
To deliver those targeted messages at each stage, Marvel Marketers helps our clients analyze, utilize and optimize Marketing Automation Platforms (MAPs), such as Marketo, Pardot, or Hubspot, in order to be able to execute these campaigns at scale.

A/B testing
Test elements such as messaging, offers & design to optimize conversion rates.

Mobile optimization
Ensure a seamless experience on any device.

Clear Call-to-action
Prominently displayed throughout the funnel – even if the action is simply to absorb more of your enticing lead magnets.

Measure and analyze
Prepare to make adjustments as needed, no matter how fit your funnel is right now. Reevaluate over time to maintain funnel health, and don’t shy away from periodic comprehensive health audits. The last thing any company wants is a funnel that springs a leak somewhere that isn’t easily seen, as it may result in a problem you can’t solve until the damage is already done!

An outside perspective can often illuminate subtle changes that make a big difference to your sales funnel – while you know your products and services best and have pinpointed what you want others to know, Marvel Marketers can approach your funnel from the prospect’s side – the need-to-knows, want-to-knows, and the I-can’t-live-withouts. Contact us for recommendations on overall strategy, content writing, and beyond.