November 22, 2022 Angie Knight

Creating A Content Strategy You Can Be Grateful For – Part 2

In our last blog, we discussed the effectiveness of customer driven content. This time, we’ll discuss the 4Cs of content creation.

Hosting a holiday isn’t just about food, it’s about the experience. Content needs “ambiance,” too. To ensure a warm and wonderful visit with customers to your content, remember the 4Cs: Conversation, Community, Consistency, and Consider Everyone.

  • Conversation – social listening is a low-cost, high-engagement vehicle for maintaining conversations with your intended target. When planning your content, include exactly how you intend to engage with your audience through various channels, down to the voice and tone most consistent with the channel. Become an expert in emoji use as well, and know of all connotations associated with their use. 
  • Community – building a community based on your customers is a great way to generate conversation, feedback, and more content that’s inherently customer-driven. Create a dedicated space for customers to exchange knowledge and feedback about your products or services, and stay tuned for opportunities to quietly innovate not just your content, but your offerings.
  • Consistency – content is not a short-term plan, nor is it confined to one medium. It’s time to consistently approach your content as omnichannel. Observe how your tactics, and thus copy points, are connected. Walk through the journey as a customer would, and consistently present your audience with content that’s relevant to them in their journey.
  • Consider Everyone – inclusivity is not a courtesy, but an absolute. This includes, of course, being aware of and sensitive to items such as cultural references and influences, but also bridging the gap between physical and digital experiences for today’s “physical” customer. Think, too, of your customer being able to increasingly control their experience, and respond with intentional content. While you may be able to repurpose some content today for infographics, podcasts, etc., as time goes on, customer intent will drive a greater need for tailored experiences in every format – even AR, VR, and XR. 

So where does that leave us as marketers? Just as one might be when they leave the holiday table – stuffed! There’s a lot of abundance now and in the future, but when you carve out a strategy your customers are sure to devour, you can clean up on conversions from your easy chair like Uncle So-and-So.