March 9, 2017 Rebecca Chase

Are you Getting the Most out of Marketo? 5 Things You Should Be Doing

Are you getting the most out of Marketo? Here are 5 things you should be doing in your instance right now:

1. Using Email Editor 2.0

The Email Editor 2.0 is amazing! Here’s why you’ll probably want to get this enabled for your own instance ASAP if you haven’t already:

    • It allows you to add variables within the editor (that’s right–no coding needed after setup!)
    • You can do things like edit button colors, text colors, spacing or even decide to add/remove modules within the email itself. Amazing, right?
    • Marketo will walk you through setting up and using the editor here if you aren’t already using it or would like to know more about its features.
      • *Please note that the 2.0 editor isn’t turned on by default, so you’ll need to have your admin turn it on for you.

2. Using Segmentation & Dynamic Content

As marketers we are always looking for ways to give our readers the most engaging and relevant content. The more relevant the content = the higher engagement from subscribers. Luckily, this is very easy to do in Marketo. It’s important to set up segmentation, which will allow you to take your database and group leads together based on shared traits (i.e. Region, Industry, Job title, Buyer Persona). Once that’s done you can easily make your emails dynamic or create and use snippets on your landing pages.

3. Nurturing

Having a proper strategy in place for nurturing your leads is key to an efficient, result-generating marketing automation setup. Not only will lead nurturing help qualify leads for sales, it will also help your sales team close more deals, upsell current customers on new products or services and can even help reduce the time it takes to close a sale with an on-the-fence buyer.Looking for more on this? Here are 5 tips to help you setup a successful lead nurture strategy.

4. Monitoring your Programs & Channels

The setup of your Programs and Channels is vital for the in-depth reporting and advanced analytics that so many of us strive for. Unfortunately, a lot of Marketo users don’t understand or take the time to ensure these are set up correctly ahead of time in order to optimize their reporting. Talk about a missed opportunity! Our most recent blog post walks through all the steps you need to ensure that your programs and channels are set up for success.

5. Creating and using a list import template

List import templates provide a strong game plan to anyone who will be importing lists for you and your company. They contain your required data fields as well as examples of what that data look likes when entered appropriately. Your days of dirty data are over! Interested? Check out this article that will walk you through the process of creating one for your team.

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