February 23, 2017 Rebecca Chase

Here’s a Secret for Importing Your Lists Into Marketo…

Does the health of your data leave you feeling embarrassed? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Life (not to mention improper list importing) can leave us feeling disorganized and overwhelmed at times. But instead of pointing fingers at why your data is in the state that it’s in, let’s talk about the solution–creating a list import template.

List import templates provide a strong game plan to anyone who will be importing lists for you and your company. They contain your required data fields as well as examples of what that data look likes when entered appropriately. WIN – WIN!

When creating a list import template, include the fields that you typically need to have to market effectively (i.e. name, company name, email address, etc.), or fields that you would like to have for your leads going forward (i.e. phone number, company size, job role, etc.). These fields will be the column headers in your CSV file. We’ve provided an example of what this looks like below:

The secret to importing your lists - Part 1

Remember that the unique identifier in Marketo is Email Address, so we will want to make sure that this is a must-have field with any import that we complete.

After creating the column headers, add some sample data to show future list importers how this information should be formatted and where it goes in the chart.

The secret to importing your lists - Part 2

See, easy as pie! Next you’ll want to save your newly created list import template. We recommend labeling it as “Marketo List Import Template” to prevent future confusion or misplaced files. Provide this list to anyone that will be importing data for you and let them know that all they need to do is copy and paste their lists into this format prior to importing it into Marketo.

Go ahead, do a happy dance! You’ve just made your life and the lives of your team members SO much easier!

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Rebecca Chase

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