July 22, 2019 Marcie Weaver

Marketing 2020 – A Superhero’s Guide to Strategizing for Tomorrow’s Success Today

It may be the dog days of summer, but 2020 should already be on your mind. It’s time to dig through their 2019 stats, read up on the latest trends, try to decipher the latest and greatest ideas from the marketing visionaries—all on a quest to figure out the perfect strategy. There are so many technologies emerging, so the challenge we face is looking at what worked last year, what is on it’s way out, and what new technology holds a promise of more demand.

As we move into 2020, marketers will continue to try to engage their prospects on more meaningful levels, building conversations geared toward gathering more data to empower them to push the right content at the right time. 

So how do we start a conversation and keep it going?  

1. SEO

While SEO has been a critical component in digital marketing for years now, the age of voice search and digital assistants is changing this landscape. Your optimization efforts for SEO need to be a top priority. Optimizing every component of your online presence for a select list of carefully considered keywords will be critical to ensuring your business thrives in all search platforms—traditional, voice, mobile, and digital assistants.

2. Chatbots

Chatbots have been increasing in frequency across the internet, and I expect to see their growth continue in 2020. What was initially adopted as a support tool has been increasingly seen as a tool for scaling business operations as a whole. With proper implementation and well-planned rules, chatbots can be a valuable tool for support, revenue growth, and data collection.  

3. Social Media 

Social media continues to be a strong area for brand and message, but your social efforts should be scrutinized and handled with care. Fake news and privacy issues have led to decreased confidence in the content on the most popular platforms. That being said, social media is still the best place to meet your prospects, build a conversation, and grow your following.

Here at Marvel Marketers, we use our social profiles to share a variety of messages:

The best way to take advantage of it? 

  • Use social listening to determine interest
  • Build intimacy with video and live streaming
  • Gain trust with a strong network of social influencers  


4. Video  

Video, like chatbots, builds a closer relationship with your prospects. Being able to see and hear you—instead of just reading your words—creates a more personal relationship. Live streaming, in particular, creates a deeper sense of connection. 

As an added benefit, all of the video channels keep your SEO and social presence strong.   Continued use of—and more creative use of—video will continue to be a great way to develop the strong connection you want between your target market and your brand.

  5. AI

AI will empower you with data to better define your segments and deliver the most personalized experience possible while allowing your team to focus on content. AI will learn your ideal lead’s profile and determine what content to push out and when. Then, as signals change, AI will work seamlessly to make sure the message conforms to the new needs.

Bottom line: 

  • 2020 will bring a continued look at compliance and greater scrutiny into how data can be used. Companies will need to look closely at their own practices, but also how they want to entertain the possibilities of data available to them. 
  • Building a brand of trust will become increasingly important as the next generation, who has never been without technology or social media, becomes the next wave of consumers. 
  • Building a trusted brand will be the result of ethical business practices more than strategy. The future lies in the businesses that show that they care as much about the consumer and the consumers’ passions, just as much as they care about their bottom line.  
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Marcie Weaver

I’m a Marketing Automation Business Partner at Marvel Marketers. As a superhero by day, I use my 25-year background in marketing and 12 years in marketing automation to help clients create campaigns that drive business success. When I take off the super suit, I enjoy spending time with my family, theater, and all things creative!