June 13, 2019 Cassie Lloyd

Marvel Marketing Minute – Using Program Influence to Answer Your Biggest Marketing Questions

In a previous post, I talked about setting up and making your Marketo Program and Salesforce (SFDC) Campaigns work together. Now that you have had time to get your systems in order, let’s take the next step. What is that, you ask? Reporting!

Reporting has always been a challenge for marketers. Did we generate any leads? How do we prove we influenced an Opportunity? With the help of a few simple reports, I am going to help you answer these common questions.

Did we generate any leads?

This is always the first question from sales or leadership after an event or program. By creating a ‘Campaigns with Members’ report in SFDC, you can easily see how many Leads and Contacts participated in your program and what their Campaign Status is. By Changing the report type dropdown (Tabular, Summary, Matrix, or Joined) you can visualize the data depending on your audience and what kind of detail is needed.

How do we prove marketing influenced an Opportunity?

Now that we know how to see which Leads or Contacts participated in a program, how do we track their journey and see if they helped influence any Opportunities? Luckily, Salesforce has a report for that as well! Create a ‘Campaigns with Influenced Opportunities’ report in SFDC. Please note that your system admin must enable the Campaign Influence option within Setup.

The Influenced Opportunities report will show all Opportunities created that are associated to a Campaign in one of the following ways:

  1. A Campaign is associated to a Contact Role on the Opportunity.
  2. A person manually assigns an Opportunity to the Campaign using the “Add to Campaign” button on the Opportunity
  3. A Campaign is entered in the “Primary Campaign Source” on the Opportunity

Now that you are armed with these reports, your marketing org is set up for success!

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