February 7, 2018 Marvel Marketers

4 Quick Tips on How to Jump into Marketo for Newbies

You’ve already purchased Marketo, so you know what a great tool it is and how it can take your marketing to new heights. But where to start?

Here are a few tips on how to dip a toe (or 4) into this deep pool of complex software before you dive in.

1. Get to know the user interface

You know when you buy a new phone and you spend hours downloading your favorite apps, picking out a ringtone, taking a bunch of selfies, and exploring all of the bells and whistles it has to offer? This is the same approach you should take to your shiny new Marketo instance.

While you can’t take selfies with it, Marketo is still a super powerful marketing automation system that can help you with a ton of different things in the marketing realm. Some you may have not even thought of yet, like dynamic content and other features you should be using in Marketo.

When you first log in, dedicate some time to just clicking around. This will help you get a lay of the land so you can be off to a quicker start when you are ready to start using it.

2. Leverage the free resources Marketo offers

There are a lot of online (and free!) resources at your disposal that will help you learn about the different functions of your new marketing automation platform. On the Marketo resources page, you’ll find marketing resources, how-to guides, videos, ebooks, and more, all created by experienced power users.

It’s like having a team of Marketo experts at your fingertips. For the tutorial lovers out there, hop over to YouTube and you’ll find even more content, often times it’s users just like you sharing their knowledge via screen share. These will help you follow along and witness the steps in a process helping you become more intuitive.

3. Run with what interests you

We have all heard that when you are doing what you love, you tend to do a much better job. For me personally, I gravitated toward asset production in Marketo which includes building emails and landing pages. This really got my creative juices flowing, engaged me, and opened the doors to navigating the entire instance.

While you are getting to know the user interface and digesting resources, look for that moment when you feel all warm and fuzzy toward something, and just follow where it takes you! This goes for your team as well. See what lights their fire and see if you can assign them to a Marketo functionality that suits them best.

4. Take a training course

Marketo offers training courses designed to help you figure out specific functions and how to execute them. Here at Marvel Marketers, we wanted something a little more comprehensive with in-platform experience. So, we created the industry’s first Marketo boot camp designed to make you a power user in just a few days and even help prep you for the Marketo Certified Expert exam if that’s your goal.

I’ve taken this course and really felt that it offered a great community feeling that other online video tutorials just can’t deliver on, mostly because in boot camp you are learning alongside others and are actually using the tool for the exercises provided. Best of all, you can attend from the comfort of your home, and, we can even help you draft a justification letter for your employer.

Marketo’s capabilities are astonishing, and you’re going to do great things for your marketing strategy with it. Want tips and tricks on something in particular? Feel free to leave a comment and I or another Marvel Marketers superhero will respond with answers or additional resources. You got this!

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