April 26, 2022 Mary Evans

Supermoms and Dads Unite!

There’s a reason we dedicate an entire day to honoring Mothers & Fathers. Each day they put on their cape and take on the world, running errands, getting the kids to school, etc., all before heading to work themselves. 

Marvel Marketers may be a team of superheroes, but we recognize that even the hardest working superhero has a personal life, family responsibilities, and work demands that all require their time and attention. Having family-friendly policies and benefits that attract the best talent is important to us, so much so that we have been a recipient of the Best Places for Working Parents award for the last two years. 

Family-friendly employers have a competitive advantage to attract and retain employees, but the real value of being a best place for working parents is to ensure that companies can creatively help problem-solve with team members, work-related or not.

Since 2013, Marvel Marketers has been a remote-working environment.  By doing so, it helps our team: 

  • spend less time commuting so they can enjoy more time with their families   
  • save costs and stress associated with going into an office 
  • have the ability to work in locations other than their home when necessary
  • engage with each other’s family members, even the furry ones, during virtual meetings. 

Studies indicate that family-friendly benefits and practices lead to positive organizational outcomes. Focusing on the employee will lead to an increase in job satisfaction, retention, engagement, and productivity to name a few. At Marvel Marketers, we continue to focus on offering benefits that are not only meaningful but also foster a culture of organizational work-life support.  

We also encourage our employees to: 

  • take time off…we all need time to refresh and renew.  
  • discuss career advancement potential and professional development opportunities with their manager.  
  • utilize the Employee Assistance Program to find resources for new parents, working from home with children, elder care services, in addition to the short-term counseling and referral services.  

In return, it helps foster a company culture that makes a positive impact on our team, helps reduce stress and creates an environment that many want to be a part of.

So to all the supermoms and dads out there, keep it up, we see you flexing your superpowers!


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