January 31, 2019 Marvel Marketers

Marvel Marketing Minute – Great Blog Post Ideas are Only a Click Away

No matter how much thought leadership you’ve established, there are always going to be days when writer’s block creeps into your head and prevents you from thinking of any great topics to write about.

As a writer, I know how frustrating this can be. After all, your audience is counting on you for expert insights. Plus, the competition out there is fierce. You don’t have the luxury of writing about something too generic or too boring to make an impact.

Fortunately, great blog post ideas are only a click away.

1. Click on your recent emails

What questions are people asking you? What kind of help are they asking for? What solutions are they asking you to provide? If one person reached out to email you, odds are there are plenty more who need the same questions answered and the same problems solved. Write up your expert answers, and voila!, you’ve got a blog post that’s genuinely helpful for your target audience.

2. Click on your calendar

There are two ways your calendar can be a valuable asset in brainstorming blog post ideas. First, see if there are any upcoming holidays that you can tie in–like publishing tips to create a content strategy that your audience falls in love with on Valentine’s Day, or explaining why your marketing strategy is more than just luck on St. Patrick’s day.

Your to-do list is also a powerful tool to brainstorm ideas. What best practices make your daily work so great? What have you done to become more efficient? Are there any industry events you want to preview or recap?

3. Click on your LinkedIn profile

Consider your profile to be a highlight reel of your career. Which success stories would provide the most valuable insights to your target audience? Think about how you solved tough challenges, and provide the solutions in your blog post. Think back to the projects that elevated your skills to the next level, and share the details. Personal experiences help turn a good topic into great reading!


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