May 23, 2019 Marvel Marketers

Marvel Marketing Minute – 3 Content Tips to Kick Your Events Up a Notch

You’ve got an innovative idea, you’ve got a decent budget to work with, and you’ve got a great invite list. That event you’re planning is destined to succeed, right?

There’s one thing you could be missing, though. If you want your event to be as successful as possible, you need the right content strategy to go along with it. Do you have one?

Be warned—you can’t just throw together a quick email invite and call it a day. Successful corporate events require a precise content plan, and to develop yours, start by doing these 3 things:

1. Create some FOMO

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) isn’t just something that millennials feel while cruising Instagram on a Saturday night. People of all demographics have an innate desire to avoid losses, and that’s what FOMO really is. They’re afraid that by missing an event, they’ll suffer some kind of consequence for it.

For corporate events, those consequences can be missing out on networking opportunities, valuable new knowledge, and even just more respect or gratitude for their industry. If your content showcases your event as being chock full of value, your invitees will start to feel some FOMO, and it can help convince them to hit the “RSVP” button.

2. Do some pre-event coverage

There’s no need to wait until the big event to share some valuable insights with your invite list. In fact, sharing content ahead of time can be a great way to convince your invitees to attend!

For example, before our webinar “Don’t Let Content Be Your Kryptonite” in April, we published a blog post that included a variety of important statistics about the current content marketing landscape. The goal? To show readers that most organizations aren’t harnessing the full power of content marketing. At the end of the blog post, there was a link to sign up for our webinar, during which they could learn how to take full advantage of the right content strategy.  

If you don’t have the time or the resources to create new content, round up some of your evergreen content—like blog posts, infographics, and videos—that is dedicated to the topic and share them with your email list. That way, you get to tell them about your event AND show off your subject-matter expertise at the same time!

3. Have a specific plan for follow-up

A good event content strategy doesn’t end when the festivities do. Follow-up is a great chance to build relationships. For example, after Adobe Summit 2019, we had a great opportunity to reach out to the new people we met there. In fact, we created an email nurture just for them.

And after “Don’t Let Content Be Your Kryptonite”, we emailed all of our registrants to share the recording of the webinar. We also replaced the sign-up link on our pre-webinar blog post with a link to the recording.

Don’t leave this to chance, though! Your follow-up strategy should be firmly in place before your event begins. That way, you’re ready to roll it out as soon as the event is finished.

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