August 1, 2016 Maneeza Aminy

Maneeza’s Super Advanced Lead Nurture Check List


Most popular slide from my Marketo User Group (SF) Presentation … Enjoy! @Marketo @Nurture @SFMUG

Can you complete these sentences?

  1. We Nurture at our organization because …
  2. Leads we nurture convert at X% Higher rate then Leads we don’t nurture.
  3. Our Nurture Growth Plan is _______.
  4. We picked our Transition rules based on _______.
  5. Our Segmentation Strategy is ______.
  6. This is how we use the Engagement Score ____.
  7. Leads that are nurtured close at “X” Percent Higher rate compared to leads that are not.
  8. Lead that are nurtured close at “X” Fraction of the time of leads that are not.
  9. Here is our Buyers’ Journey:
  10. Our Nurture is X percent more effective because of Y reasons due to Automation.

Originally Posted: LinkedIn – 5/15/2015

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Maneeza Aminy

Maneeza is the CEO and Founder of Marvel Marketers, a global digital marketing consultancy. As an early employee of both Marketo and Salesforce, Maneeza is a respected thought leader, industry evangelist, and strategist for Marketing Automation and Digital Transformation. Maneeza and her epic team of superheroes work with some of the world’s largest brands to transform their organizations with cutting-edge technology, strategy, innovation, and partnerships.