October 13, 2016 Marvel Marketers

How to Engage your Customers, Stay Compliant, Make Legal Happy … All While Maintaining your Sanity

In heavily regulated industries, it can seem impossible to reach consumers in a meaningful way. You know that your current customers—and future customers—expect relevant, personalized messaging and trust you with their sensitive information. You also know your legal and compliance teams have significant concerns about data collection and storage and would prefer batch and blast to avoid using any of the data on hand. If you’re a marketer in finance, health care or any compliance-related industry, you’ll leave armed with tips and tricks to take back to your team so you can help legal sleep at night, keep your customers’ trust while communicating to them in the 21st century…and meet and maintain your marketing objectives. Take a look at the slides from Marvel Marketers’ Amanda Thall’s presentation at the 2016 Marketo Summit.

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