September 17, 2018 Marvel Marketers

Create Custom Marketo Reports for Better Data Analysis

While Marketo Analytics has reports for email, landing page, and web page data, if you want to dig deeper into your data, you need to take advantage of Marketo’s customization tools.

The People Performance Report will allow you to build custom Marketo reports and answer questions like:

  • How many leads are coming from social media vs your website?
  • What Acquisition Program leads to the most opportunities?
  • Which Engagement Program do your new leads end up in?
  • How many leads are in Marketo from each lead source?
  • What lead sources are generating the most revenue?

We’ve got some tips to make sure you get the most value out of these reports:

  • Create a report for any information you would like to see by adding smart lists as Custom Columns, and any smart list can be added to your report.
  • Organize your report by grouping ANY Marketo Field. For example, you can see how many leads are in each acquisition program, lead source, company, etc.
  • Create a custom Marketo report to dig into your opportunity data. That way, you’ll know exactly where your opportunities are coming from and what’s bringing in the most revenue.

Let’s dig a little deeper into these features:

Custom Columns

Custom Columns allow you to add smart list data into your reports. In the report settings you can add up to 10 smart lists to include in your report. You can create a smart list for virtually anything in Marketo and add it as a Custom Column, and each smart list you select will appear as its own column in your report.

Organize your Report by Grouping

The Group People by feature enables you to organize leads based on any Marketo field (source, acquisition program, country, state etc.) Changing the grouping gives you a better idea of where leads are in your database and how they are performing.

Create a custom Marketo report to dig into your opportunity data

There are more than a dozen opportunity columns that you can add to your report. That way, you can analyze everything from the number of people who are considered an opportunity contact, to the sum of won opportunity amounts.

Bottom line–the People Performance Report gives you endless opportunities to dig into your Marketo Analytics and make sound business decisions based on data rather than assumptions.

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