November 15, 2016 Maneeza Aminy

An Ode to Marketing Automation – Part Deux

3 Years past and wiser are you

Time for an Ode to our Industry  . . . Part Deux

Opens and Clicks and an Engagement Score

Never has an email been measured more

Insert {Token.First.Name}

We made sure our emails had personalization game


Our Integrations were in- Sync

Our Nurture Tracks made us think

We learned to use words like API, and webhooks

The stuff you really can’t find in books

We learned the complexity of a link

And took our insights to the brink

Enrichment and Data Became a thing

New Brand leaders emerged like @Everstring


Subscription Centers become critical

Global Demand Centers became political

The Enterprise Space found its footing

Now to tackle the challenge of scaling


Our lofty Segmentation Goals

Sparked debates around Title, Function and Role


One year content was Royalty

One year RTP became the Key

One year Predictive kept us in the know

And now ABM is stealing the show


And among all this excitement unbounded

There was a Spark!

And Marvel Marketers was Founded


We Summited, User Grouped, and Made New Friends

And realized together the learning never ends


Just when we thought the markets had matured,

Marketo became Vista in an acquisition Venture


And while it is an unmatched  show

Enter Account Based Everthing – Engagio

Brace yourselves Industry!  Brace Yourself Marketing!

We are all going head first Spear Fishing.


And while I know it isn’t just me

That gets excited about all this stuff – techie

We all have our favorite moments

That make our careers a little richer

After all, how can I forget my famous, Marketo Summit 2016 Picture:

Maneeza and Will Smith at Marketo Summit 2016


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Maneeza Aminy

Maneeza is the CEO and Founder of Marvel Marketers, a global digital marketing consultancy. As an early employee of both Marketo and Salesforce, Maneeza is a respected thought leader, industry evangelist, and strategist for Marketing Automation and Digital Transformation. Maneeza and her epic team of superheroes work with some of the world’s largest brands to transform their organizations with cutting-edge technology, strategy, innovation, and partnerships.