February 18, 2019 Annie Ho

5 Things That the Very Best Marketers are Constantly Doing

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Have you ever wondered what you can do to be a better marketer? Throughout the years in different marketing organizations, I noticed there are 5 things that the very best marketers are constantly doing.

With that in mind, here are the habits you should start in 2019:

1. Build your own brand

Do your best in every situation. Always double-check your work, and always be detail-oriented even under tight deadlines and high-pressure situations. A lot of simple mistakes can be avoided if you take a little time to step back and review your work. Over time, you will build a very good reputation for being precise and accurate. People will love working with you because they can rely on you.

2. Ask questions

There are no such thing as a dumb question. The challenge is asking the right question at the right time. If you are not sure about a task or action item, you should take the initiative to set up a meeting and clarify. That way, you can avoid to wasting time redoing the work or communicating back and forth on email. Get in a habit to question everything that is unclear because it helps to clean up the road blocks and make a smooth path for your career.

3. Provide solutions, not just feedback

When you’re working in a team environment, your teammates might ask for your feedback or your expertise on certain topics. A good marketer can provide feedback and critique to get the job done, but a great marketer will provide solutions or ideas to help the project blossom. A great example is the recent Marvel Marketers blog post by Geena Boyer, which showcased a great lead engagement solution for Marketo users.

4. Realize your strengths and weaknesses

No one is perfect. Self-awareness helps you to find areas to improve and push yourself to further boundaries. Leverage your strength to find a work-around to your weakness. If you find yourself stuck in a situation, go ask for help (remember tip #3!).

5. Keep Learning

When I first started working with Marketo, I didn’t learn all of the functions overnight. I kept going online and doing research, like reading blogs from Marketo champions and attending Marketing Nation Summit. Plus, Marvel Marketers’ Professor M’s Academy provided great foundation courses to help me succeed at my job.

Go learn something new, jump start your career, and enjoy a prosperous and fruitful 2019!


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