July 2, 2020 Pam Hege

10,000 Green Circles Are Providing Hope Where It Has Been Forgotten

Here at Marvel Marketers, we want our work to make an impact that reaches far beyond marketing, beyond technology, beyond ourselves, and beyond the world. That’s why we founded our non-profit foundation, Mpact, in 2017.

Over these last few years, we’ve have joined forces to make a Mpact on the people and communities who need it most. This year our Mpact mission is to “Remind Others of Hope When It Is Forgotten.” 

Little did we know how true that theme would ring in 2020.

Hope shines a light in the darkness, especially in this year of crisis as billions of people worldwide face the COVID-19 pandemic. So we’ve partnered with Afghan Mini Mobile Circus for Children Organization (AMMCC) to make tomorrow better than today for children, their families, and their communities by supporting their Green Circles initiative.

The Green Circles initiative not only promotes social distancing, but it provides young people with jobs. Two hundred young people are working within their communities to paint 10,000 green social distancing circles outside of businesses, reminding residents to stay six feet apart to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

And we’re there to support them. 

Mpact’s real-life superheroes are contributing by providing the salaries for the young workers and the supplies needed to keep the momentum going. 

It’s a life-saving mission for these young people, their families, and their communities. You can learn more about our partnership with AMMCC, the Green Circles initiative, and follow their progress through weekly updates by clicking here.  

Not all superheroes wear capes. 

Join us on our mission, help us remind people of hope, and make an Mpact that you’ll remember forever!


Pam Hege

Pam Hege is a traditional marketer who crossed the great divide and transitioned into digital marketing, happily finding a home at the intersection of marketing, sales, and technology. For more than 30 years, Pam has been focused on driving intentional, measurable revenue growth for B2C and B2B companies as a marketing strategist armed with a well-rounded digital skillset. Before serving as Director of Marketing for Marvel Marketers, Pam worked as both an in-house marketer and an agency partner.